The tiny metal hole is right up against my eye. I am looking through it. I can see the entrance to a lift, and a stretch of corridor. There are doors attached to the corridor that lead into apartments. I am looking outside of my flat.

A man and a lady walk into my field of view. The lady is a sexy lady and the man is a handsome and rugged man. They are an excellent match. They are both physically perfect.

The two specimens walk to the lift and press the button. Three red lines appear on the button to show that the lift is on its way. I watch as the man and the woman hold each other and share a kiss. The man has his hand on the woman's bottom. The woman has her hand on the man's face. She is kissing him and holding his face. The man is kissing her and holding her bottom.

I write down this observation in my book. I write it down and then write, Conclusion: The man is a scoundrel with sex on his brain. The woman is tender and wants to forge a deep and meaningful romantic relationship.

I think about the differences between men and woman. I decide that there are no differences.

I watch until the lift arrives and the door opens. With a giggle, the man and the woman tumble into the lift, groping and sucking each other.

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